Dos Hermanas

Agricultural system

Agricultural System: Soybeans, sorghum , barley and wheat plantation
Production techniques:

-High precision direct seeding- Rotación de los cultivos
-Crop rotation
-Rotation of lots for cattle use: All agricultural lots are framed in an integrated management of the establishment. This allows each batch to be incorporated into a five year rotation system. The main objective of this technique is based on the structure and conserve natural soil fertility .

Livestock system: Natural supplemented pasture field to create a high-productivity system.
Production technique:

-Pastoral farming system: Campus lots mothers handled on natural field Agropiro and Festuca . These lots are worked, fertilized, cut and split to allow for a high stocking rate.

-Re breeding system: Calves reared by partial use of agricultural land (dual-purpose wheat)
and pastures (combinations of Alfalfa, Lotus, Clover and Pastobillo ) within the chain of animal fodder to their first service.

Other developments